Napa Institute and Catholic Action for Faith and Family Set to Host Priest Conference in Denver, October 28th-30th, 2019

By Kate Bryan, Media Contact
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Cardinal Raymond Burke and Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller to Welcome Brother Priests

Denver, CO (October 10th, 2019) – The Napa Institute and Catholic Action for Faith and Family, in partnership with Confraternity of Catholic Clergy and the Archdiocese of Denver, are set to host a conference for priests throughout the nation in Denver, Colorado on October 28th-30th, 2019, entitled the Faithful Echo Conference.

A Faithful Echo will bring together priests from all across the country to celebrate the sanctity of the holy priesthood, seek to preserve the integrity of the liturgy, and foster community and camaraderie, and to discuss the current issues facing the Church and Catholics around the world today.

Cardinal Raymond Burke and Cardinal Gerhard Müller have extended personal invitations to their brother Priests and through plenary sessions, they will examine the calling to act In Persona Christi. “This designated time has been set aside to convene the officers of the Church so they may grow in their faith together, discuss the issues facing the Church and the faithful today, and that they may be encouraged to go out and lead the charge to bring Christ’s light into a world so desperately in need of his love and mercy,” said John Meyer, Executive Director of the Napa Institute. “We are honored to have Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Müller leading some of these discussions and we are excited to bring together some of the nation’s leading priests. We know that this conference will bear great fruits.”

Thomas McKenna, founder of Catholic Action for the Faith and Family added, “What’s unique about this year’s conference is that we have two leading prelates in the Church coming together with priests to share insights and appreciation into their sacred and indispensable vocation.”

For more information on the Napa Institute, if you have questions or would like more information or to schedule an interview with John Meyer, please contact Kate Bryan at:

The Napa Institute seeks to examine, with a spirit of charity, intellectual rigor, and fidelity to the magisterium, the most critical issues faced by Catholics in the culture. We accomplish our goals through our conferences, experiences and symposiums, inspiring attendees to deepen their relationship with Christ and with each other. For more information on the Napa Institute, please visit:

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I was watching EWTN last Saturday (11-16-2019) and saw a presentation by Fr. Bill Watson S.J. on the topic of Diversity's Endgame. Unfortunately, I only saw the last part of the presentation so I took notes and am looking for a video copy of Father Watson's presentation. Having been unable to find anything except an audio recording of a conversation on the subject between Father Watson and Bishop Daly I'm still looking for a video copy of the actual presentation. I've contacted EWTN and was told I could purchase a set of DVDs covering the 2019 Napa Institute Conference. I was momentarily encouraged until I saw a list of speakers at the conference, none of which included Father Watson's talk on Diversity's Endgame. I was disappointed. I seem to recall hearing somewhere that the breakout session that included Father Watson's presentation was videotaped by EWTN. Again, there's no mention of the breakout sessions or Father Watson's presentation in the list of speakers shown for the set of DVDs available from EWTN on the 2019 Napa Institute Conference. I also checked the Sacred Story Institute website with no luck. I can't believe that a presentation shown on EWTN would not have been taped and made available to interested parties. I'm hoping someone in your organization can help. Please let me know. Thanks.

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