The Most Holy Rosary

By Fr. James Moore, O.P.
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We are inundated with a LOT of bad news these days.  This bad news is in politics – where the rancor often causes people to wars of words.  Violence also plagues our streets as does the plight of homelessness and addiction.  Attacks on human life continue – especially the most vulnerable – the sick, the elderly, the handicapped, and the unborn.  Attacks also plague the very definition of the human family.

There is also a lot of bad news in the church.  We have been wracked by scandals committed by Priests and Bishops who are supposed to be the ones protecting and nourishing the flock – wolves in sheep’s clothing.  There is also a lot of doctoral confusion and many of the faithful have been left mystified by the sometimes-murky waters in which we find ourselves.

However, I don’t go to church because of the Pope, or the Bishops, or the Priests.  I don’t go to Mass because the people are perfect in church.  I go to Mass because of Jesus!  I go to Mass because God loves us so much that he deigned to become lower than the angels – to become man and to take our weak flesh upon Himself!  Not only that, he humbled himself and became our food in the Eucharist!  He then took all of our sins upon Himself and died the ignominious death of the cross.  But that was the victory – with the cross He smashed the gates of hell and made it possible for us to reign as saints!!!

In these troubled days, we must focus more and more on the good news of salvation.  And this good news is found in the ROSARY!!!  Pope Francis has encouraged us to pray the rosary EVERY DAY.  Not only he, but our Bishops and Archbishops are asking it too.  Not only them, but the Blessed Mother herself asked us to all pray the rosary every day when she appeared in Fatima over 100 years ago.

That might seem like a lot of prayer – but the world desperately needs it.  Let us hang onto the good news of salvation by meditating on it daily in the Most Holy Rosary!!!

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Thank you for this article! We at Priests for Life agree 100%, and have just started a daily rosary broadcast at 3pm ET on www.EndAbortion.TV. We also love the work of the NAPA Institute!