Benefits to Eucharistic Adoration

By Timothy R. Busch, Founder of the Napa Institute
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Dear friends,

I wanted to share this special document with you. I firmly believe in the power of prayer, especially in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and in Eucharistic Adoration. As faithful Catholics, we promise Our Lord to keep watch with Him just as He asked the Apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane. We are commanded to “pray without ceasing” and return to our Creator just as frequently, honestly, and lovingly we would our spouses, dear friends, and family. (1 Thessalonians 5:16)

A rich spiritual life is deeply contemplative and intimate. The greatest saints have attributed major progress in the spiritual life to this profound form of prayer that is Eucharistic Adoration.

Pope Saint John Paul II said it himself:

“Closeness to the Eucharistic Christ in silence and contemplation does not distance us from our contemporaries but, on the contrary, makes us open to human joy and distress, broadening our hearts on a global scale. Through adoration the Christian mysteriously contributes to the radical transformation of the world and to the sowing of the gospel. Anyone who prays to the Eucharistic Savior draws the whole world with him and raises it to God.”

      (Letter to the Bishop of Liege, Reported in L’Osserv. Romano, 1996)

Do not fear spending time alone with the Lord. If anything, this can be the most clarifying and spiritually rejuvenating time you spend in prayer all week, even if it is just an hour.

In an age where we are inundated with information and noise, try and spend just one hour in silent prayer. Watch it change your life.

Check out the link below to read all of the benefits and promises of those who keep watch in Adoration with Our Lord.

Benefits of Eucharistic Adoration link

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