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Addressing the Pastoral Needs of Men and Women with Homosexual Tendencies

September 30, 2015 by  
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Living Truth in Love copyThere will be a Pre-Synod Conference this October 2, 2015 hosted by the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (The Angelicum) in Rome, Italy sponsored by Courage, Ignatius Press and the Napa Institute.

According to www.truthandlove.com this conference will be held in order to “approach the complex reality of homosexual tendencies through the lens of the empirical and social sciences, the personal experience of homosexuality, the testimony of Sacred Scripture, as well as Sacred Tradition – the bi-millenial wisdom of the Catholic Church.”

This conference and others like it are both timely and extremely necessary if we are to open our hearts and minds to understanding what some of our brothers and sisters, children of our Father in heaven, are going through.  Especially those with homosexual tendencies that desire to live out their Catholic faith to the fullest, but nonetheless deal with a powerful daily struggle that often times makes them feel marginalized and alone.  May we all pray for this conference and for the Synod on the Family: that the Mercy and Love of God may be glorified by witnessing to the world that His church shuts no one out, but calls all to the fullness of the truth of love which, is found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

To view the featured speakers and learn more about this conference please visit www.truthandlove.com

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