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The Man Behind Catholic U’s Largest Donation Ever

“My wife and I have been involved in Catholic education since 1992, when we started St. Anne’s School in Laguna Niguel and JSerra Catholic High School in San Juan Capistrano. Our two children attended these schools, which offered both an education in the Faith and strong academics. I’ve been... [Read more...]

Tim CUA picture Reviving Catholic Teachings in Business – Tim Busch in Forbes Magazine

In honor of the 125th anniversary of Rerum Novarum, Napa Institute Founder Tim Busch writes in Forbes Magazine about the vital importance of understanding Catholic Church’s teaching on business, and highlights how the Tim and Steph Busch School of Business & Economics at Catholic University... [Read more...]

The Busch School Logo The Tim and Steph Busch School of Business and Economics

The Napa Institute is happy to announce that The Catholic University of America has received six commitments totaling $47 million for the operational needs of the School of Business and Economics and other University academic programs. The lead gift of $15 million from the Busch Family Foundation is... [Read more...]

March 15-18 Human Ecology Flyer Human Ecology Conference in the News

Media coverage of the recent Human Ecology Conference, co-sponsored by the Napa Institute and the Catholic University of America School of Business and Economics, can be found, below: How Businesses Can Help the Poor by Matt Hadro An Example for Christians by Kathryn Lopez Revisiting Catholic Social... [Read more...]

Msgr. Schlag What is the Impact of Faith on Capitalism?

I would like to begin my reflections by clarifying the concepts I use in the title of my talk. Faith is not the same as religion. Faith is the personal conviction of transcendence and of a bond to God to whose revelation we respond. Religion is institutionally organized faith. Religion has the connation... [Read more...]

Tim CUA picture Why Should the Business Leader be Concerned with Human Ecology?

Napa Institute Founder Tim Busch reflects on the vocation of the business leader, in a recent blog post published by The Catholic School of America School of Business and Economics.   In preparation for the March 2016 conference on Human Ecology at The Catholic University of America, we turn... [Read more...]

Linda Del Rio headshot The Victory is in the Walk: Linda Del Rio on Equipping Catholics in the Next America

“The Napa Institute has remained steadfast in the goal to inspire the world of the new evangelization, embrace a deeper understanding of our faith and cultivate better stewardship. Attending has been a refreshing time for me and encouraged me in my consulting business with athletes, corporations... [Read more...]

george weigel Books for Christmas by George Weigel

Books for Christmas By George Weigel   It’s been a good reading year and I highly recommend the following to the readers on your Christmas (not “holiday”) shopping list: God or Nothing, by Cardinal Robert Sarah (Ignatius Press): It was the book being discussed at Synod-2015 and with good reason,... [Read more...]

george weigel The Grittiness of Christian Faith

The Grittiness of Christian Faith by George Weigel JERUSALEM. Walking through the narrow, winding streets of Jerusalem’s Old City on my first visit here in fifteen years, I was powerfully struck once again by the grittiness of Christianity, the palpable connection between the faith and the quotidian... [Read more...]

george weigel The Saints and All of Us: George Weigel reflects on the Synod

The Catholic Difference The saints and all of us By George Weigel ROME.  Amidst all the Sturm und Drang of Synod-2015, something genuinely new in the life of the Church began, and it shouldn’t escape our notice. For the first time in two millennia, an entry in the liturgical books will now read, on... [Read more...]

EWTN Logo BW CUA and Napa Institute Conference on Business to be shown on EWTN

The Napa Institute is pleased to announce that Liberty and Solidarity: Living the Vocation to Business, the inaugural conference of the CUA School of Business and Economics co-sponsored with The Napa Institute, is now airing on EWTN on Saturday afternoons. The Napa Institute and CUA are grateful to... [Read more...]

NI2015-11180 “A Slice of Perfection”
Napa Institute Featured in AMU Magazine

Dr. Michael Pakaluk, Tom Monaghan, and Dr. Catherine Pakaluk reflect on the 2015 Napa Institute conference in the Fall issue of AMU Magazine.          Read More →

photo by Kate Capato Five Pillars of a Decent and Dynamic Society by Dr. Robby George

Dr. Robby George, photo by Kate Capato Any healthy society, any decent society, will rest upon three pillars. The first is respect for the human person—the individual human being and his dignity.  Where this pillar is in place, the formal and informal institutions of society, and the beliefs and... [Read more...]

Living Truth in Love copy Addressing the Pastoral Needs of Men and Women with Homosexual Tendencies

There will be a Pre-Synod Conference this October 2, 2015 hosted by the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (The Angelicum) in Rome, Italy sponsored by Courage, Ignatius Press and the Napa Institute. According to www.truthandlove.com this conference will be held in order to “approach the... [Read more...]

Have Hotel  Will Say Mass   Daily News   NCRegister.com National Catholic Register Features Clergy Hospitality

September 15, 2015 the National Catholic Register released an article about our Clergy Hospitality program!  Joseph Pronechen, of National Catholic Register, interviewed Hailey Smith who currently runs the program.  Ponechen also interviewed a Clergy member who enjoyed a free stay at one of our... [Read more...]

Catacomb time?

The Catholic Difference Catacomb time? by George Weigel   At Christmas 1969, Professor Joseph Ratzinger gave a radio talk with the provocative title, “What Will the Future Church Look Like?” (You can find it in Faith and the Future, published by Ignatius Press). One of the concluding paragraphs... [Read more...]

CdlSchoenborn-255x320 Cardinal Schönborn on the Synod

“I am confident there will be no change in Doctrine,” says Cardinal Schönborn to the National Catholic Register.  Cardinal Schönborn had an interview with Joan Frawley Desmond of the National Catholic Register during the Napa Institute conference.  Be sure to read about the interview... [Read more...]

flannery OConnor Flannery O’Connor and Catholic realism

By George Weigel   From this vale of tears, one can never be sure about the boundaries of acceptable behavior at the Throne of Grace. Is laughter at earthly foibles permitted? Encouraged? I like to think so. Which inclines me to believe that, this past June 3, Miss Mary Flannery O’Connor of Milledgeville,... [Read more...]

Irish Flag Now, the Kasper theory of democracy?

The Catholic Difference By George Weigel         A few weeks ago, after Ireland voted to approve so-called “same-sex marriage,” a correspondent sent me an e-mail quoting Cardinal Walter Kasper’s comment on the result: “A democratic state has the duty to respect the will of the people,... [Read more...]

Dr Scott Hahn Dr. Scott Hahn

Dr. Scott Hahn was born in 1957, and has been married to Kimberly since 1979. He and Kimberly have six children and are expecting their fifth grandchild. An exceptionally popular speaker and teacher, Dr. Hahn has delivered numerous talks nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics related... [Read more...]

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