At the Napa Institute, we balance worship, relaxation, and formation, providing unique entertainment options and local excursions rooted in our Catholic Culture – from Film Screenings on the topics of faith, to live play productions, and concerts. With the main conference set in Napa Valley, the opportunities to explore are endless, and we encourage our attendees to get out and see the natural beauty the valley has to offer.

Wine and Viticulture

At the Napa Institute, wine is woven into the narrative of our gatherings – whether it be on the table at dinner or enjoyed on a terrace following a private tour of one of Napa Valley’s many vineyards. We offer many opportunities to enjoy a glass of wine with a new acquaintance or old friend, during dinners or at the Institute’s famous cigar nights.


Delicious meals are served at all Napa Institute events, whether it be in European palaces, restaurants just off St. Peter’s square, or under the warm, summer evening sky. For the summer conference, the chefs of the Napa resort prepare beautiful themed dinners that are a large part of the event, since they are created so that attendees can move around and meet others during meal time.

Nights with Napa Institute

A highlight of any Napa Institute event is the social gathering at the end of each day. Enjoy desserts, cigars, a glass of wine or a cocktail over lively discussions with friends. Evenings at a Napa Institute event often lead to both friendships and partnerships among our attendees that last for years to come.