God’s Loving Design
Advent Reflection
A Harvest of Witness
  • God’s Loving Design

    The creation of the cosmos, and the human person as the apex of this creation, was a completely gratuitous act of the Holy Trinity. Why did they do it? Pope Francis put it succinctly in the first months of his papacy: “Creation is a love story.” We were created by Love itself to participate in the Love of the Divine Creator.

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  • Advent Reflection

    These days as we Dominicans go in to chant Evening Prayer (Vespers), we notice that it is very dark by the time we start at 5 p.m.  This time of year is enfolded in the deep dark of oncoming winter.

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  • A Harvest of Witness

    In Greek mythology, Sisyphus is a crafty and deceitful king, condemned by Zeus to roll a huge rock up a steep hill for eternity. Each time the rock nears the peak of the mountain, it rolls back down, crushing the king. Then he must begin again.

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The History of Unique Slavic Customs for the Easter Season

By Christine Warner

In rising from the dead, Christ conquered sin and gave humanity the hope of eternal life. This conviction is core to Christianity, making the Easter season the supreme liturgical time. It is the culmination of Jesus’ life on earth and an ultimate testament to the truth of His teachings.  

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Responsible Parenthood for a Broken World

By Kathleen Buckley Domingo

When Pope Paul VI wrote his prophetic Humanae Vitae 50 years ago, he no doubt prayed that the calamities he envisioned would not come to pass. That the culture has not heeded our Church’s teaching on human sexuality and human life has wrought consequences even the Holy Father could not have fathom

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50 Years after Humanae Vitae: Where do we stand in heeding the directive given to scientists, doctors, and nurses?

By Patrick F Fagan, Ph.D

The Mandate: Towards the end of Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI asked scientists and medical professionals to uncover the biological secrets of fertility and to teach them in natural family planning (NFP).   The Scientific Evidence of the Harms of Contraception: Scientists have discovered tha

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