Lenten Reflections from a Catholic Business Leader

Column: Integrating Faith and Work


For this article, I’ve been asked to “dig deeper” and to share some of my inner, personal motivations for Lent this year. It’s a challenge I am happy to embrace, even though imperfectly, because throughout my career and even now I have been — and continue to be — inspired by and learn so much from others, especially from remarkable priests and Catholic colleagues. As is true for most of us, these moments or inspirations are not always shared publicly.  And of course, none of us is perfect at executing what our souls strive for. That said, here we go.


Lent seems to me to be a thoroughly outward season. It’s a time for all Catholics to redouble our focus on others and give of ourselves more freely and joyously, in preparation for the most important celebration of our faith – Easter Sunday, the Resurrection.


Inward first: Take the challenge


But while Lent calls us to turn outward, that starts by turning inward. It depends on us taking concrete steps to draw closer to Christ, so that His love fills us and overflows. This is what we Catholics call “Magis” – doing more for our Lord, so that we may do more for those around us.


Small steps, Consistency makes the difference


This can be especially challenging for Catholics in business. But what seems like a challenge at first can actually be a great opportunity. It’s just a matter of consciously choosing the right times and places on a daily basis to turn to Christ.


On that note, I’d like to share a few ways that I’ve tried to enter more fully into the Lenten season. Read More