Napa Institute Webinars

Stay informed from leaders in the community about the current crisis.


Napa Institute Interview with Eric Hargan

Deputy Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Eric Hargan joins Napa Institute Board Member Fran Maier to share his insights on the COVID-19 Health crisis and the government response.


Dr. Aaron Kheriaty Reflects on the COVID Crisis

Join Dr. Aaron Kheriaty to hear an insider’s perspective on the current state of the COVID-19 crisis and the steps that are currently being taken to combat the virus, to examine some of the challenging bio-ethical questions being faced during this historical moment, and to learn a few practical ways that regular people can help those who are dealing with the crisis.


How the CARES act can help non-profits

Attorney Eric Kniffin offers insights on how the recently passed CARES act can benefit small business and non profits. Please take a moment to watch this webinar, hosted by the Napa Institute, and share it with other leaders.


Catholic Responses to the COVID 19 Crisis

Fr. Eric Cadin is joined by Business Leaders Tim Busch & Bill Mumma as they discuss Catholic leadership during the current crisis.