Napa Legal Institute Launches to Serve Catholic Organizations and Individuals

Heritage Foundation’s Josh Holdenried Tapped as Executive Director to Lead New Catholic Legal Institute


Washington, D.C / Irvine, CA. (February 5th, 2019) – The Napa Institute (NI) announced today a new legal institute to serve Catholic individuals and organizations in need of non-litigation legal guidance, counsel, professional service support, and representation. The new institute will be called, “Napa Legal Institute (NLI).”  With an expertise in corporate structure, governance, tax and accounting, the new institute will fill a void in the current landscape providing pro-bono or subsidized support for religious organizations based on need.


“In the world today, it’s more important than ever for Catholic individuals and organizations to have the legal support and counsel that they need to live their lives and live out their faith in the public square,” said Tim Busch, Chairman of the Napa Legal Institute and the Napa Institute. “While there exist phenomenal legal networks that help organizations and individuals who find themselves in court, through our work supporting and networking startup Catholic organizations and ministries at the Napa Institute, we observed a dearth of coverage in foundational areas that can help nonprofits and organizations flourish – from legal structure to governance to proper accounting.”


Josh Holdenried has been named Executive Director of the Napa Legal Institute and Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Napa Institute. Previously of The Heritage Foundation, Holdenried will be responsible for leading the Institute and building networks of organizations and individuals with whom the Institute can serve.


“It’s clear that individuals and organizations aligned with the Catholic faith need more legal and financial education in order to live and work in accordance with their beliefs. NLI will serve that need by directly connecting lawyers, accountants, and other professionals with apostolates in need of counsel. I look forward to expanding our partnerships as we prepare and equip Catholic nonprofits with the tools and protections they need to flourish,” Holdenried said.


Holdenried concluded. “This would be a great opportunity for someone with a legal or financial background looking to integrate their faith and professional life. If you’re interested in being a part of NLI, please contact us. And if you are a Catholic or Catholic nonprofit in need of guidance, please contact us.”


If you would like to be a part of NLI and donate your time or services to the new institute, please contact Josh Holdenried at:


Or if you or your organization are in need of legal representation or support, please contact:  


About Napa Legal Institute

Founded in 2018, NLI’s mission is to provide corporate, tax, philanthropic, and other non-litigation legal and financial education to protect and advance the missions of nonprofit organizations aligned with the Catholic faith. For more information on the Napa Legal Institute, please visit:


About The Napa Institute

The Napa Institute seeks to examine, with a spirit of charity, intellectual rigor, and fidelity to the magisterium, the most critical issues faced by Catholics in the culture. We accomplish our goals through our conferences, experiences and symposiums, inspiring attendees to deepen their relationship with Christ and with each other. For more information on the Napa Institute, please visit:


About Josh Holdenried

Most recently Holdenried was Associate Director of Coalition Relations at The Heritage Foundation, where he focused on strategic partnerships and policy promotion. Prior to his role with The Heritage Foundation, he was an inaugural member of the Public Interest Fellowship–a two-year program designed to equip and train young professionals for leadership in the political and cultural life of the United States. Before the Public Interest Fellowship, he was a congressional staffer in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is currently a 2019 Leonine Fellow of The Leonine Forum in Washington, D.C.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy Leadership from the University of Mississippi and a Certificate in Applied Religion in Public Policy from Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy.