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Read what our attendees have to say!

The Napa Institute Conference offers a fantastic opportunity for mission-based organizations to meet with other business, community, Church, education, and organizational leaders to forge strategic partnerships and advance common interests. Many of them are people we would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet.

-Camille Pauley,  President and CEO of Healing the Culture

I look forward to the Napa Institute all year.  I have attended the past 5 years and now it feels like a big family reunion.  The Napa Institute helped to launch FOCUS’ expansion in the West coast and has introduced me to lifelong friends.  In fact, my husband and I ended our honeymoon in Napa this year.  I can’t think of a better way to start our marriage than with the beautiful liturgies, inspiring Catholic keynotes, and hundreds of holy models of marriage.  I am forever grateful to the Napa Institute!  Cheers to many great years to come.

-Grace Dill, Fellowship of Catholic University Students

I have attended the Napa Institute twice and plan to return again in 2017.  It is truly an outstanding experience.  The speakers are impressive, extremely intelligent and well spoken promoters of the faith, each in their own way.  They have motivated me to explore a number of topics further on my own.  Most of the speakers seem to be there for the whole time, allowing many opportunities for personal conversations with them.  There are two people that I have identified as the smartest people I have ever personally met in my life and both were Napa Institute speakers.  Both the large, general sessions and the breakout, small group formats have been great opportunities to get to know people in the Church that you may not have heard before, people with something valuable to tell you about how they try to live the Gospel.

The Meritage is an outstanding venue.  Comfortable, well maintained facilities and the meals are quite a bit above the typical convention fare.

Besides the speakers, I have greatly appreciated the many opportunities every day for Mass, including the eastern rite Holy Mysteries.  There were days when I went twice!  The other activities, such as the cooking classes and wine tasting events, are a good mix with the other events as well.  The evening gatherings after dinner are a great opportunity to talk at length with interesting Catholics that you would never otherwise have met.

My wife, who is not Catholic, attended with me last time and she’s eager to return.  I think that’s as high a level of endorsement as I can imagine!

-Patrick D.

At the Napa Institute, I have seen visible signs of the Mercy of Jesus. We must realize that we have a living God who takes care of us in a very loving and merciful way. And Jesus is so approachable, willing to heal us from our brokenness. He will help us to be healed and transformed. I think that through these healings, what I see is a call to see what God wants from us, to transform the lives of others. Myself, I was transformed through those healings to see that I was called to spread the Mercy of God.  

– Br. Mauricio, who details an experience below:

On July 10, 2016 at the Napa Institute Conference, Br. Mauricio Torres prayed for the special intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe for Mary Ann Kuhl, who had been diagnosed with tumorous growths. Eleven days later, the tumors were removed and Mary Ann was found to be cancer free. Mary Ann and her husband Allen attributes her restoration to health to the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Br. Mauricio’s prayers at the Napa Institute conference.

  • We consecrate our Mission to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas.