Summer Conference Update

By Timothy R. Busch, Founder of the Napa Institute
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I don’t often send notes like this, but then I don’t often have news like this. This 12th annual Napa Institute Summer Conference will feature a holy man and hero of the Church – George Cardinal Pell.


Cardinal Pell is one of the foremost leaders of the Catholic faith. He is steadfast, principled, and courageous – traits that have enabled him to come through great injustice and continue to advance the good of Church.


It’s been less than two years since Cardinal Pell was released from Australian prison, following false accusations. He spent a staggering 404 days in solitary confinement. The fact that he not only emerged from this trial, but emerged stronger, is testament to God’s grace in his life.


Cardinal Pell’s imprisonment followed a lifetime of faithful service to Christ and His bride. Having served as Archbishop of Melbourne and then Sydney, he long ago established a reputation as a reformer devoted to ensuring the holiness of the Catholic Church.


Hence why Pope Francis picked Cardinal Pell to clean up the Vatican’s finances, long known for being a source of scandal and sin. In fulfilling this role, the Cardinal made a great many enemies – including senior Church officials who wanted to keep their perks and inappropriate deals.


Those enemies gloated when Cardinal Pell was falsely accused and wrongly imprisoned. Yet since his release, he has continued his pursuit of Church reform.


His work is bearing fruit, and he’s not done. I believe that decades from now, Catholics will have a more honest and transparent Vatican – and we’ll have Cardinal Pell to thank for it.


At the conference, I’ll ask the plenary session to thank Cardinal Pell for his extraordinary service to the Church. Please join me in support of this holy man – you can register for the conference here.


And if you’re interested in reading more about Cardinal Pell, I recommend his Prison Journals. Published by Ignatius Press, he wrote them while in solitary confinement. I’m about to finish the third and final volume.


It’s not every day you get to be in the presence of such a holy man and hero of the Church. On behalf of the Napa Institute, I hope to see you this July.


In faith,

Tim Busch


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