In Loving Memory of Bishop Morlino

Dear friends,


Four weeks ago tonight our dear friend breathed his last. To all of us, whether we knew him first as Bobby, Fr. Bob, or Bishop, he was a friend – a man who, despite occasional periods of incommunication was always with us in communion and who, when in his presence, was always found joy, laughter, and a deep hope in the promises of Eternal Father.


I wanted to take this moment to reach out, to thank you all once again for your presence and/or your prayers, and to encourage you to remember to keep praying. As we mark one month since Bishop Morlino entered into eternal life (the actual one-month mark is Christmas eve), let us keep praying for the repose of his soul. Let us pray for one another, for our Church and for our world. And let us enter into the Season of Christmas filled with hope which can only come from Jesus Christ, the Word Made Flesh.


I know that I owe some of you individual notes, holy cards, etc. and I beg your patience as I continue to play catch-up, help our administrator keep the diocese rolling, and attend to family matters.


Here allow me a few reminders and announcements as well:


1. If you haven’t already done so, please consider memorializing the bishop by way of the Bishop Robert C. Morlino Memorial Fund here:


2.  For the last few summers the bishop has invited you to consider attending the Napa Institute Conference. I submit that invitation once again. The bishop believed deeply in the mission of the Conference – “to help Catholic leaders face the challenges posed in the ‘next America’ — to continue the work of the Apostles and their successors, the Bishops, heeding Christ’s call for ongoing evangelization,” and in the founder of the institute, his friend Tim Busch. And for good reason.


The cost of the trip and the conference is pricier than a retreat at the parish up the road, but the caliber of speakers and other influence-makers present, the beauty of the people and the place, and the all-around excellence of the whole event is undoubtedly top notch (there’s also lots of outstanding food and wine included in the price, but I thought that might go without saying given that you-know-who went year-after-year.


The final program is still coming together for the conference (which will take place July 24-28) but I understand that memories of Bishop Morlino and his presence will certainly not be lacking:


3. Finally, I was combing through some old audio and thought I’d share a little gem as a Christmas gift from the bishop, his Christmas eve homily from five years ago:



Have a very, very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with joy, peace and always deeper faith!


God love you all and thank you,