Thomas Aquinas College Seminar

In his Letter to the Galatians, St. Paul vigorously emphasizes the preeminence of Christ and His cross as God’s path to salvation and holiness. He points to the ineffectiveness of the Mosaic Law for gaining divine favor and blessings, stressing instead the importance of Christian freedom and faith.

Please join members of the faculty of Thomas Aquinas College for a deeper look at this epistle’s life-changing theology at a seminar and a buffet breakfast at this year’s Napa Institute conference, “Equipping Catholics in the Next America.” The seminar and breakfast are open, free of charge, to all of the conference’s attendees. To participate:

  1. Register for the Napa Institute Conference.
  2. Register for the Thomas Aquinas College’s Seminar.
  3. Read the brief reading before the seminar. The College will mail it to you, but you can also can download and print it for yourself:

Space is limited — register now! Questions? Please e-mail Robert Bagdazian or call, 805-421-5927.