Napa Valley Fires Update

by Napa Institute
Published In October 16, 2017

October 13, 2017

Dear Friends,

First, thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers as the team in Napa is faced with a challenge like nothing they have ever seen before. We have received an outpouring of unconditional support and it is truly appreciated. With so many conflicting media reports, we wanted to take a moment to provide a more accurate update of our status here in Napa. The resort is not located in a current evacuation zone, but we are taking every measure to protect the property, the guests, and our team members should conditions change. This begins with construction at The Village; if this burns it will cause a domino effect in the entire park.  Team members of the resort and corporate office worked through all day and night to secure the construction site and protect the roofs and all exposed wood with water, sprinklers, and other creative measures that established a water barrier protecting the construction site.

Due to the high volume of evacuees and first responders staying in-house, Cal Fire has designated our resort as a “priority property” in the event of an emergency. Our proximity to the PG&E main station across the street further heightens this position.

Let me start by saying that safety remains our number one priority. I am happy to report that all of our guests and team members are safe. While several team members have been evacuated, their homes remain intact so far, but there are also some who are unsure of what remains of their homes.

While we are incredibly blessed for our safety, the devastation we feel for our community is palpable. What holds us together is the kindness and humanity shown by all, including every team member at the resort. To date, we have welcomed evacuees (those who have lost their homes and those displaced), offered complimentary meals to both guests and locals, donated hundreds of sheets and toiletries, and even provided complimentary laundry assistance to evacuation centers. All of this would not be possible without the stellar leadership of Michael Palmer and his executive team.  The work that they are doing should be commended by all.

We encourage you to review the comments and feedback shared on our Facebook page. We are humbled by the response and will continue to do all we can for our local community.

We are also looking at every opportunity to continue to care for our team members because many of them have been displaced or evacuated and yet they all continue to focus on serving others. The stories of kindness and service are some of the most selfless stories we have ever heard.

Thank you, again, for your thoughts and concerns. Please continue to hold our community in your prayers.

Garrett Busch & Nate Tanner

Garrett Busch is the Proprietor and CEO of Trinitas Cellars and Nate Tanner is Vice President of Food and Beverage at Pacific Hospitality Group. 

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Our team at Healing the Culture is so blessed to hear this report. We thank God that you are all safe. No doubt, angels are surrounding your place of compassion and kindness.

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