Sacrificing Wealth and Freedom

by Napa Institute
Published In July 07, 2021

Originally posted by Patheos

Jimmy Lai started as a street vendor in China, and after fleeing to then-free Hong Kong, he became a billionaire. Here he also became a Christian. Once Communist China took over Hong Kong, he began working with the pro-democracy movement.

In retaliation, the Communists confiscated one of his businesses after another. He was subject to fire bombings, car attacks, and arrests. Recently, the pro-democracy newspaper he owned was shut down, his remaining assets were seized by the state, and he has been sent to prison. You have got to reach Christopher Bedford’s account of his story, entitled Christopher Bedford, Modern-Day Martyr: Meet The Self-Made Billionaire Who is Sacrificing It All For God. His commitment to liberty and democracy, and his ability to sacrifice everything he has for them grow out of his faith. Here are some quotations from Jimmy Lai:

“Prison life is the pinnacle of my life. I am completely at peace.” […]

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