Stumbling into God's Merciful Embrace

Morality and Neo Gnosticism

The Father of Mercies

The Remarkable Evidence of a Transcendent Soul

David the King: Reflections on the Spirituality of I & II Samuel

Jesus and His Church: What God Has Joined, Man Must Not Divide

Archb. Cordileone on Benedict XVI Institute

Dr. Phillip Jenkins

Joseph Pearce: How Literature Shapes the Christian Character

Curtis Martin presents at the Final Dinner

Bishops' Panel with Mike Patterson (Facilitator)

Fr. Thomas Loya: Praying with Icons

Fr. Peter John Cameron: Selecting Beauty, Putting Magnificat Together

Economic Justice Round Table with Frank Hanna III (Facilitator)

Dr. Jonathan Reyes: The Church and Economic Justice through the Centuries

Archbishop Chaput speaks on Pope Francis and Economic Justice

2014 Napa Institute Opening Mass

Dana Gioia speaks on The Great Divorce: Catholicism and the Arts

The Reasonableness of Jesus Christ - Father Robert Spitzer

The Bible and Economic Justice - Dr. Timothy Gray

Cardinal Levada on the New Evangelization

Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J.: How to Suffer Well

Kathryn Jean Lopez - Public Witness, Public Faith: Deprivatizing Religion 2013 Napa Institute

President John Garvey: Teaching Virtue 2013 Napa Institute Conference

Napa Institute's Bishops Panel on the New Evangelization

Dr. Tim Gray- Time for God: A Biblical Vision for Work and Worship 2013 Napa Institute

Archbishop Jose Gomez- The Exalted Creator: Reflections on Human Nature and the Image of God

The 2012 Napa Institute Day on Reason & Faith: Fr. Robert Barron and Dr. Peter Kreeft

The 2012 Napa Institute Day Catholic Education: Fr. Robert Barron & Frank Hanna III

Napa Institute: Opening Remarks, Tim Gray, Ph.D., and Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

"Immigrants and Catholic Evangelization in the United States" by Archbishop Jose Gomez

Religionless Christianity: Do I need the Church if I am "spiritual"? by Tim Gray, Ph.D.