Fr. Spitzer Authors New Book: Science at the Doorstep to God

by Napa Institute
Published In December 06, 2023

Fr. Spitzer Authors New Book: Science at the Doorstep to God


Can modern science refute the belief in other spiritual realities? Is there scientific evidence for a transcendent soul? 


A popular contemporary claim is that faith and science are positioned at opposite ends of the spectrum of understanding the universe. Common expressions such as “Religion is outdated in light of modern science” or “We place our trust in science, not in a ‘man in the sky’” contribute to this misunderstanding.


Father Robert Spitzer, President and Co-founder of the Napa Institute, has recently authored a comprehensive book titled “Science at the Doorstep To God: Science and Reason in Support of God, the Soul, and Life After Death.” Father Spitzer investigates the scientific evidence substantiating the existence of a transcendent God and explores the influence of modern science on our comprehension of creation—both within the physical universe and the human spirit.


Contrary to the prevalent notion that intellectual individuals reject the concept of a higher spiritual reality, the majority, in fact, acknowledge the existence of something greater beyond our comprehension within this reality.


In the first pages of Father Spitzer’s book, he shares some foundational statistics including the belief in God or a higher spiritual reality is held by 51% of scientists, with 66% of young scientists sharing this belief. 76% of physicians affirm a belief in God or a higher spiritual reality, with 74% acknowledging the occurrence of miracles in the past and 73% confirming their belief in ongoing miracles in modern times.


For those seeking answers on how to articulate their faith in the face of claims that science opposes it, this book is a fascinating and vital resource, preparing readers to contemplate the profound mysteries of the physical and spiritual realm.


Stephen M. Barr, President of the Society of Catholic Scientists and a frequent speaker at the Napa Institute’s Summer Conference, commended Fr. Spitzer’s work, stating, “Whatever your background and views, you will certainly learn a great deal from this stimulating, interesting book and have your intellectual horizons expanded.”


In an era where truth is challenged under the impostor of ‘modern science,’ an opportunity for Catholics to deepen their understanding of faith’s relationship to science and recognize how it brings us closer to the heart and craftsmanship of our Creator.

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