What Does it Really Mean to Be Pro-Life?

Life Should Be Accepted and Protected as a Gift from God.

As Catholics, we must be equipped to handle pro-life conversations with family and friends and gracefully spread Christ’s mission, encouraging all who can to support legislative protection for the vulnerable and financially support Catholic hospices and pregnancy crisis centers.

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Conception Until Natural Death Instead of End-life

In Catholicism, being pro-life is far more profound than being “anti-abortion.” Though being pro-life does cover being anti-abortion, reducing the concept to just that is an inaccurate disservice to our faith. Being beautifully, authentically pro-life means honoring the dignity of all human beings and bringing that attitude into one’s daily, social, and political life. Being pro-life is more than advocating for the unborn; it’s also an effort to protect people with disabilities and our elderly.


Napa looks at the teachings of the Church, which recognize the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. This is further informed by the understanding that our lives are not our own and that to fulfill Christ’s mandate to love one another is to love and care for others regardless of how convenient it is to keep them alive.

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The America we anticipated is now here. The question then becomes: how can we eloquently and accurately defend our faith in the public square? We’ve synthesized all the critical topics facing Catholics today into language you can leverage to share our beliefs courageously.
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