Catholicism and Democratic Capitalism

Can Catholics Be Capitalists?

The rise of interventionist economic schools of thought–namely socialism and communism–threaten to slip society further away from truth. With proper controls, free markets are still the most effective way to advance economic progress, human fulfillment, and faith.

Society Should Be Free to Pursue The Good, The True, and The Beautiful

Napa sees the abundance of innovation and prosperity in a free society as an enduring way to care for the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and heal the sick. Free choice ensures that moral efforts are of one’s own volition and not by existential mandate. As unapologetic Catholics, we should be empowered to defend Democratic Capitalism’s contributions and ardently advocate to preserve our economic system.


The Catholic Church teaches “no one can be at the same time be a good Catholic and a true socialist” (Quadragesimo Anno 120)

Important Topics

Facing Catholics Today

The America we anticipated is now here. The question then becomes: how can we eloquently and accurately defend our faith in the public square? We’ve synthesized all the critical topics facing Catholics today into language you can leverage to share our beliefs courageously.
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