Faith & Public Life

Faith Belongs in Public Discourse

Many government decisions are moral decisions. To divorce faith from the public discourse is to shun society from centuries of insights that can serve and save us.

When Morality and Policy Intersect, Society is Better

We must understand that Catholicism in politics isn’t reflexively partisan. Instead, it’s a catalyst toward thoughtful ways of bringing the fullness of humanity into the political arena. Faith in politics should hold us accountable to be humble and honest, always searching for better ways to support society and righting the wrongs done to policy in the past decades–so all may live a more fulfilling life. Napa is proud to equip and empower Catholic political leaders to defend and enact our faith in the public sector.

Important Topics

Facing Catholics Today

The America we anticipated is now here. The question then becomes: how can we eloquently and accurately defend our faith in the public square? We’ve synthesized all the critical topics facing Catholics today into language you can leverage to share our beliefs courageously.
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