Sacred Scripture

What Does The Bible Truly Teach Us?

The bible is not widely studied and understood by Catholics. A revival of reading and reflecting on the Sacred Scriptures is needed to renew the Church and transform the culture.

Understand The Text, Live The Teachings

Thousands of years later, the Catholic Bible’s relevance hasn’t swayed. Yes, life has changed; technology and other advancements actively reshape society daily for better and worse. But behind the changes, human nature remains the same. We all experience fears and disappointments, desires, weaknesses, and hopes.


The Bible is still the most profound and educational account there is of the woes and wonders of human nature. It explains the origins of problems like greed, exploitation, and excess that poison society – and tells us how to move forward. The Bible gives us insight into why we are, how we should be, and offers a roadmap for the future. Napa leverages all resources to facilitate an increased understanding of the Bible and introduce a revival of faith-filled reflection, introspection, and education.

Important Topics

Facing Catholics Today

The America we anticipated is now here. The question then becomes: how can we eloquently and accurately defend our faith in the public square? We’ve synthesized all the critical topics facing Catholics today into language you can leverage to share our beliefs courageously.
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