Catholics in Culture

Faith Isn’t Meant to Be Kept Hidden

The history of the Church’s saints is a history of individuals engaging society in a myriad of ways, but not being compromised by it. In order to restore Christian values to our society, Catholics need to better understand and courageously explain what we believe and why we believe it.

Catholics Should Exist Boldly and Unapologetically in All Arenas of Life

Following the call of Vatican II, it’s time to open the windows of the Church and let the world be enlightened by truth.


Faith is meant to be shared in the community: with our families, at our parishes, in the workplace, and in the public square. Good Christians are good citizens–but Catholics are being pushed away. As society shifts away from the beauty and truth of Catholicism, it is our duty to bring the world back into the light. Napa empowers Catholic leaders and changemakers to live their faith in the world without proselytizing or acquiescing.

Important Topics

Facing Catholics Today

The America we anticipated is now here. The question then becomes: how can we eloquently and accurately defend our faith in the public square? We’ve synthesized all the critical topics facing Catholics today into language you can leverage to share our beliefs courageously.
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