Kenzie Busch Vath Publishes Book on “The Ignored Pandemic: Real Stories of Lyme Disease”

by Napa Institute
Published In July 12, 2023

The Ignored Pandemic: Real Stories of Lyme Disease

By Kenzie Busch Vath 

In a world where countless illnesses dominate the headlines, Lyme disease remains shrouded in mystery, often misunderstood and overlooked. Yet, beneath its quiet facade lies a complex and debilitating reality that affects countless lives. It affected mine. 

Imagine running in the tall grass towards the beam of sunshine, arms open wide, soaking in the love for mother nature and the beauty of the outdoors. Sitting on the veranda with a glass of Trinitas Sauvignon Blanc as you tune into the birds singing. Do any of these outdoor activities sound like something you will do this summer? 

This summer as we all take advantage of the warm weather and spend it outdoors with family and friends, lets keep in mind that a life can be changed in an instant if we are not careful of our surroundings. I want you to be aware of how your life can be changed by a tick bite. Tick-borne disease is at an all-time high. Ticks carry something called Lyme Disease that can be easily treated if caught early. The tragedy is the majority of the population has no idea what Lyme disease is, and many countries still do not believe that Lyme disease exists. 

Lyme is not an east coast disease. It has increasingly got more attention with the uptick, ‘no pun intended’ of cases reported. Those who grew up with parents and caretakers who would do tick checks when they came in from playing outside have an advantage because they are able to recognize the signs and symptoms of Lyme and immediately treat the onset of the disease. Did you know that ticks can be as small as a poppy seed? Ticks hide in the crevices of our body, and it is very hard to find a poppy seed size animal in the remote places like your hairline or behind your knees. Keep in mind that if you have pets, they are also another vehicle ticks can attach to. Once attached ticks can transmit Lyme disease within 24 hours, and roughly 80% of cases will show a bullseye rash. Flu-like symptoms can appear within 3-30 days post-transmission, making it even more difficult to pinpoint Lyme disease. More recent research has shown Lyme to transmit from mother to fetus. Physicians only briefly review Lyme in medical school and are told it is rare and easy to treat. Brushing off the severity of this highly infectious disease. 

Be proactive and prevent a life-changing illness for your family. 

Living with a chronic illness is a journey that tests the limits of strength, resilience, and hope. We walk through life sometimes, not knowing who carries their pain anonymously. I have witnessed first-hand the debilitating effects that Lyme has on friends, family, and caretakers. The road is challenging, but amidst the darkness, there is hope. Getting educated about Lyme disease serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it empowers individuals to recognize the signs and symptoms, fostering early detection and intervention. Secondly, raising awareness is what dismantles the barriers that prevent proper recognition. Through awareness, we cultivate an environment where compassion replaces judgment and support replaces isolation.

My newest book release, The Ignored Pandemic: Real Stories of Lyme Disease, offers a collection of stories of Lyme Warriors around the world. I would like to help keep you and your loved ones educated and safe from Lyme disease. It greatly changed our family, and we want to protect yours. 


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The Ignored Pandemic: Real Stories of Lyme Disease Purchase Here

Book Summary 

Lyme is an unapologetic chronic illness that makes you fight not only for your life, but to be seen, heard, and understood. It will change your life and those around you. Odds are you know someone suffering in silence from Lyme disease. Due to a lack of education and funding around it, patients have to go on a quest to find answers and often come back with nothing. For some, it takes years to get diagnosed. Physically you feel betrayed by your own body. Mentally, you fight battles others will never get to see. In these pages, you will learn more about this IGNORED PANDEMIC and read a collection of stories from Lyme Warriors around the world. Their story is told in their own words – no other way would be right. 

Global Lyme Alliance 

Global Lyme Alliance is the leading nonprofit dedicated to conquering Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. 

Author Bio 

Kenzie Vath, a Lyme warrior, is out to radically change the conversation about Lyme disease. She was born and raised in Southern California. Loved playing outside and soaking in the California sun. Kenzie is a very dynamic individual with a passion for a full plate. Her current career has led her to a VP position in hospitality. On the side, she sits on several boards, including the Global Lyme Alliance. Her mission with the Ignored Pandemic was to set out and get the public talking about Lyme disease pushing awareness and funding toward research and answers for those suffering in silence. “I want to ensure my children and their children do not have to go through the suffering I did.” – Kenzie Vath

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