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Vivek Ramaswamy and the Larry Fink Problem – October 27, 2022

By David Bahnsen

Originally posted by National Review here. David is joined this week by Vivek Ramaswamy, the author of the best-selling book, Woke Inc., to talk about a moral defense of markets. They go all around the horn in looking at where the Business Roundtable got it all wrong, where so-called “stak

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Cardinal Zen on Trial – October 25, 2022

By Timothy R. Busch, Founder of the Napa Institute

Originally posted by First Things here. It says a lot about Communist China that Beijing feels the need to arrest and prosecute a frail ninety-year-old Catholic leader. It says even more that Cardinal Zen is accepting his plight with such grace and courage. With his trial on trumped-up nation

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Two Masses – October 16, 2022

By Brad Miner

NOTE: Being a visitor at New Orleans’ St. Patrick’s Church, I made an inaccurate surmise about the celebrant at the Latin Mass I attended. He was not, as I originally wrote, Fr. Garrett M. O’Brien; rather it was Fr. William Farge, S.J. I have corrected the text of my column accordingly, a

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