A Book Worth Reading:  American Priest
A New Beginning for Catholic Business Education
Lenten Reflections from a Catholic Business Leader
  • A Book Worth Reading: American Priest

    Discover why Tim Busch recommends reading the book American Priest.

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  • A New Beginning for Catholic Business Education

    Last weekend, the university officially dedicated the new home of the Busch School of Business, Maloney Hall.

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  • Lenten Reflections from a Catholic Business Leader

    Napa Institute's Founder, Timothy Busch, shares a reflection about his personal Lenten journey.

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A Napa Institute Experience

May 12-21, 2019

Join the Napa Institute for an incredible experience in the land of Saints and Scholars! Biblical scholar Dr. Tim Gray will join us as the principal leader of our tour, giving us his insight on the Catholic history of Ireland and Scotland as we visit the holy and historical sites.

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2019 Principled Entrepreneurship Conference

October 21-22, 2019

This is an annual event, uniting academic, business, and faith leaders to seek a just society through promotion of principled entrepreneurship. The Napa Institute and the Catholic University of America are excited to bring this conference to Midtown Manhattan.

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A Book Worth Reading: American Priest

By Tim Busch

There are books worth reading, and then there are books worth sharing after you’ve read them. I heartily recommend the new book by Father Bill Miscamble, a Holy Cross Father, at the University of Notre Dame. It’s called American Priest, and it profiles the life and legacy of one of the most inf

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The Lenten Journey of Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

By Christine Warner

As we journey through the Lenten season, we can renew our zeal for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving by reflecting on Jesus’ own suffering and temptations. If we ever feel reluctant or discouraged in our own Lenten sacrifices, we can turn to the severity of the trials He experienced during the

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Everyday Catholics Can Fight Sex Abuse

By Tim Busch

More than 15 years after the American people awoke to the gross abuse of children by Catholic priests, this week the Vatican will host its first-ever summit to discuss the “protection of minors.” Over the course of four days, bishops from across the world will hear victims’ testimony and

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