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A Cautious and Humble Approach

By Marilyn E. Coors, Ph.D.

New technology is available for scientists to edit genomes for healthcare and agricultural purposes, almost at will. Many of us have thought and written about genetic engineering in the abstract for decades. Now the technology is here, and it is accurate and versatile. These advances in biotechnolog...

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Perspectives From the Saints on the Dignity of Work

By Christine Warner

We find worth in our work. In part, it defines our quality of life and our existence on earth.   We are fulfilled and sanctified through work. It is one of the core qualities that differentiate us, as humans, from other living creatures. As Saint John Paul II reflected in his encyclical Labo...

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Our Great Commission: The Call of the Laity to Holiness & Reform in Times of Scandal

By Timothy R. Busch, Founder of the Napa Institute

I, like many of you, have been disheartened by the unfolding scandal regarding now Archbishop Theodore McCarrick - a scandal we thought had been sufficiently handled in 2002 with the implementation of the Dallas Charter, which adopted a zero tolerance policy for sexual indiscretions with minors by p...

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Work as the Creator of Wealth and Well-Being

By Steve Grossman

I derive my inspiration from the words of the Prophet Isaiah 58:10 in which he says, “If you offer your compassion to the hungry and relieve the oppressed, then shall your light shine in darkness and your gloom shall be like noonday… You will be known as the rebuilder of ancient walls, the resto...

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Vocation of Business: Putting a Stamp on Creation

By Luke Burgis

The Greek word for “character”, charaktíra, referred to the stamp or impress used on a coin or seal. Nature is the seal. What kind of stamp will you imprint on it? Vincent Van Gogh said that “Art is man added to nature … nature, reality, truth, but with a significance, a conceptio...

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The ‘Everything Handmade’ Trend Will Curb Job Losses

By Dr. Jay W. Richards

Experts have predicted the looming automation of everything, with machines replacing labor and putting half the population out of work. This forecast seems to follow from basic economic logic: Economic growth is about getting more output from less input. Labor is an input. We are now devising pow...

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